Edge Union Station FAQ
  1. What does the rent include?
Your rental payment will include rent, high speed internet, water, sewer, and trash. The only utility we do not cover is electricity. The units at the Edge are all electric, there is no gas.  The Edge will pay the electric company directly, and residents will reimburse the property. So you do not have to set up any utilities in your own name!  If you have roommates, the bills are divided evenly, so you do not have to worry about your roommate paying you for the utilities since every resident has their own account with the management office.
  1. Is there a deposit? Any other fees due at lease signing?
Yes, the security deposit amount is $500.  The security deposit is refundable at the end of your lease pending damages, cleaning charges, etc. Since leases are individual, all residents will pay the security deposit and have their own account with the management office.  There is no application fee that is paid at the time of lease signing. All fees must be paid prior move in time.
  1. What is an individual lease?
Individual leasing means each resident will sign their own lease agreement at Edge Union Station for the one, two, and four bedroom units. If one of your roommates moves out of the property for any reason, you do not have to worry about having to cover their portion of rent. Each resident will qualify accordingly and have their own lease agreement. We do allow two people to sign a lease for a one bedroom apartment.
  1. Are the apartments furnished?
Edge Union Station will furnish all apartments at the property.  The living room area will include a sofa, coffee table, end table, dining table and chairs,  and media center with 50” SMART TV. The bedrooms will include the full-size mattress and bed frame, nightstand, and dressers that can be placed under the bed or stacked.
  1. What floor plans do you have?
Edge Union Station offers three different floor plans.  We have one, two, and four bedroom floor plans. Please see the floor plans section of the website for more details.
  1. How long is the lease term?
Edge Union Station does one-year lease terms. Please contact the leasing office if you need a short-term lease.
  1. When is move in day?
Please contact the leasing office for additional move in dates and/or immediate move in dates.
  1. Is there a roommate matching service?
When you complete the application process you will complete a roommate matching form where you can document who your roommates are. If you do not have preferred roommates you can indicate that you want to use our roommate matching service. We will place you with the best possible roommate based upon your roommate matching profile. If you sign for a One Bedroom floor plan you do not need to complete the roommate matching section of the application. If you are signing for a two bedroom or four bedroom apartments we would need the roommate matching profile completed.
  1. Can I request a specific apartment?
Always remember, first come first serve so the earlier you sign your lease, the more options you have on your preferred apartment.
  1. What is a guarantor?
Since most residents are full-time students, a guarantor is needed to get your lease agreement approved. A guarantor can be one of your parents, aunt, uncle, older sibling, etc. All residents go through a background screening and guarantors go through a credit check. The income requirement for a guarantor is three times the monthly rental amount. Your guarantor is not needed in person to sign your lease, we can send the paperwork to guarantors electronically. Not everyone will need a guarantor, but some will if they do not have the income on their own to qualify.
  1. Can I sign a lease without a guarantor?
Yes, you can sign a lease agreement without a guarantor. If you plan to qualify on your own, you have to make and document that you earn two times the monthly rental amount per month. You will also have to pass the background and credit check based upon our rental criteria. There are a few ways someone can qualify to live at the Edge Union Station. We take proof of bank statements, trust funds, income documentation, and I-20 forms for International students.
  1. What paperwork is required to secure a room/apartment at Edge Union Station?
Since Edge Union Station does individual leases, each resident is required to complete the rental application, roommate matching form (if you know who you want to live with and if you are using our matching service), and the lease agreement. We will also need a copy of your government issued I.D. Your guarantor will have to complete the guarantor application, guaranty agreement, and we will need government issued I.D.
  1. What is the proximity to campus?
The property address is 8 Grafton Street in Worcester. We are extremely close and centrally located to the colleges and universities in the area.
  1. Can I break the lease?
Edge Union Station does not have a clause in the lease agreement that allows residents or future residents with an approved lease agreement to cancel the lease. If for any reason you need to get out of your lease agreement, you can relet your apartment/bed space. The unassisted relet fee is $200 and you are responsible for finding the person to take over your lease. The person MUST be approved before the old resident is released from the lease agreement. We also offer an assisted relet which is 85% of one month’s rent. The 85% of one month’s rent must be paid in advance before we can assist the resident with finding someone to take over the contract.
  1. Are the amenities open 24/7?
The fitness center, clubhouse, study room, and game room will all be open 24/7.
  1. Is there a shuttle to campus?
Yes! We have a shuttle that takes students to and from campus, Monday through Friday. Please see the leasing office for exact hours and times.
  1. Does Edge Union Station allow pets?
Yes, Edge Union Station does allow cats and dogs. There are some weight limits so please contact the leasing office for more details.
  1. How do I pay my rent?
We offer many different payment options for you to choose from. You can set up monthly ACH payments, or pay rent by check or money order in the office. You can also make a credit/debit card payment online; however there is a convenience fee if you pay online using this method.
  1. Is renters insurance required?
Renters Insurance is not required but is highly recommended. Renters insurance is very inexpensive and covers your personal belongings in the event of a fire, theft, or natural disaster. Edge Union Station is not liable under these circumstances.
  1. What if I need maintenance in my bedroom or apartment?
Once you move in, you can submit a service request online or simply call the leasing office. If the issue is an emergency, we will provide an afterhours maintenance emergency phone number.
  1. Can I smoke on property?
No, the property is a non-smoking facility.
  1. Are there events at the property?
Yes, Edge Union Station will host community events and gatherings for residents. We want our residents to meet one another and build a strong sense of community.

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